Conference Calls

Member conference calls: In order to help form community and foster participation, quarterly conference calls with Affiliates have been established as of January 2019.

Affiliate Prospects

The OSI has created a list of organizations to approach regarding affiliate membership.

Affiliate Agreement

The original Affiliate Application was hosted on GoogleDocs but is now out of date (access is for historical purposes only). The current version is available on the OSI Affiliate webpage as well as in ODT & PDF formats. A working draft is continuously available for review, edit and comment.

Joining as an Affiliate Member

Information on the OSI's Affilaite Membership program can be found on the OSI website: http://opensource.org/affiliates

Currently those interested in becoming an Affiliate Members must sign the OSI Affiliate Agreement available through the OSI website. Interested Affiliates must also provide a cover letter outlining their interests in and qualifications for Affiliate Membership.

The complete process is as follows:

  1. Interested party visits The OSI Affiliate Membership web page to learn about the OSI and the Affiliate Membership Program.
  2. Any questions from the interested party are directed to __________
  3. If interested, the party completes the Affiliate Application. and submits it to __________
  4. The OSI's __________ request contact(s) e-mail and adds to
    1. OSI Affiliate email mailing list,
    2. CvivCRM Affiliate list,

  5. The OSI's __________ obtains logo (sometimes needs an agreement)
  6. The OSI's __________  asks if they need a quote for a press release
  7. The OSI's __________  adds to Affiliates page
  8. The OSI's __________  adds to logo graphic
  9. The OSI's __________  posts announcement on opensource.org

Affiliate Press Releases

Working drafts of various press releases related to the OSI Affiliate Memberships

Affiliate Members

The current status of OSI Affiliate Members is here.

Affiliate Resources

Legal Reference Resource

The OSI's Legal Reference Resource is available to those searching for legal advice from qualified attorneys related to open source licensing and related legal issues. The Legal Reference Resource is not legal advice, nor is it a list of recommended attorneys. Rather, the  Legal Reference Resource is a set of questions that those seeking legal advice can ask attorneys to assess their experience within the open source community, with open source projects and around issues related to open source (licensing, tax status, patents, etc.)

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