Board and Teams Planning Timeline 2017-2018

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  • The global software industry committed to, collaborating on, and co-creating open source software, development, and community.
  • All by open source. (Double entendre: all the software used by people/orgs is open source, and all development done by people/orgs is open source)

The following was discovered through research of the OSI website:

  • "Build bridges between open source constituencies" (historical reference)
  • "Allow different open source organizations to have one voice and share their common vision of open source" (historical reference)


The following was developed and adopted at a Board workshop during OSCON 2014.

Promote and protect open source software, development and communities, championing software freedom in society through education, collaboration, and infrastructure, stewarding the Open Source Definition (OSD), and preventing abuse of the ideals and ethos inherent to the open source movement.


The below objectives are derived from the "Proof Points" developed at the Board workshop during OSCON 2014.

ObjectiveMeasurement(s) / Success Criteria
World-wide acknowledgement of the OSI as the sole steward of the Open Source Definition.
(Board workshop, OSCON 2014.)
(How do we know when this is complete?)
Global adoption of a set of guidelines (based on OSD) so the community can collaborate within open, shared and well understood "rules of engagement".
(Board workshop, OSCON 2014.)
(How do we know when this is complete?)
Identified internationally as the primary resource for fiscal sponsorships supporting open source software organizations who require such services but cannot be housed by existing groups.
(Board workshop, OSCON 2014.)
(How do we know when this is complete?)
Services enabling Incubator Projects and Working Groups recognized as relevant and useful services by community-driven organizations that improve the overall FLOSS ecosystem.
(Board workshop, OSCON 2014.)
(How do we know when this is complete?) 
Viewed as preeminent reference for educational institutions on matters of open source software, development principles/practices, business models, and communities.
(Board workshop, OSCON 2014.)
(How do we know when this is complete?)
Exclusively cited among affinity players as the single authority in approving open source software licenses.
(Board workshop, OSCON 2014.)
(How do we know when this is complete?)
Universal acceptance that, only software distributed with an OSI Approved Open Source License can carry the "Open Source Software" label.
(Board workshop, OSCON 2014.)
(How do we know when this is complete?)
Undisputed authority for adjudicating and preventing abuse by bad actors.
(Board workshop, OSCON 2014.)
(How do we know when this is complete?)

Top Goals for the Year

Fundraising -- so we can hire more people

Standards group -- first example of interest from multiple company stakeholders that can be sustained and recognized support funding.

  • Improve license review process:
    • Establish project/program manager role
    • Document how the process works
  • Establish sustainable capacity for managing infrastructure and critical resources.
  • Improve efficiency/automation so we can scale
    • Replace several general mailing lists with an AskBot instance
    • Explore options to automate communications in 2017-2018 communications plan
    • Experiment with discount codes, sharing OSI membership to members of Affiliates






  • Make go/nogo call on whether to hold face-to-face meeting in November (Board)



  • Face-to-face Board Meeting
  • Discuss plan for 20th anniversary celebration (Board)
  • Form Elections Committee for 2018 (Board)
  • Kick off end-of-year fundraising drive (Communications, Fundraising)


  • Review voting system and ensure no changes are needed (Infrastructure, Elections Committee)
  • Finalize list of individual and affiliate seats open in 2018 (Elections Committee)
  • End-of-year fundraising drive (Communications, Fundraising)


  • Announce schedule of upcoming elections and seats available
    • Announce gap assessment of organizational capacity
    • Push candidate profile template to slate
  • Kick off membership drive, in advance of election (Membership)


  • Open and complete election nomination period
  • Decision on Advocacy Director


  • Open and complete election voting period (Elections Committee, Communications)


  • Elected board members take seats April 1, 2018
  • Orient new board members (Board, Patrick)

References / Resources

  1. 30 Example Vision Statements
  2. An Overview of Strategic Planning or "VMOSA" (Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies, and Action Plans)

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