Tactical Plan for Hiring General Manager

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Staffing Committee Tactical Plan for Hiring GM

Complete by June 14

1. Gain board consensus on http://wiki.opensource.org/staff:general_manager
 2. Then Update http://wiki.opensource.org/staff:general_manager
 - Karl please then update the page to include instructions on redmine
 - Deb update page to include date posting will close, if any
 3. Create a one paragraph summary for posting on main page and link to http://wiki.opensource.org/staff:general_manager for further details.
 4. Post there + other places (separate thread) and start collecting applications
 5. Karl fill us in on how we should be using red mine to manage applications (6.12) will be using mix of email archive and red mine)
 6. Add Chris A. to the Staffing@ list to join us to review

The following timelines assume qualified, viable candidates. We reserve the option to go out again for more candidates if necessary.

Complete by June 21

Begin filtering applications
 - Deb and Simon to identify and recommend a service to manage payroll and benefits for board approval
 - Create standard interview questions

Complete by June 28

- Identify the first field of qualified candidates, conducting preliminary interviews by phone as necessary for screening
 - Agree on format for conducting interviews for board participation
 - Start booking first interviews

Complete by July 2nd

- Complete board interviews.

Complete at July 3rd board meeting

- Discuss final field of candidates and select one to offer

Complete by July 10th
 - Draft offer letter for board and counsel review + approved

Start hire: Ideally set a date that may allow for travel to OSCON July 22nd, but this should not be requisite for the new hire.

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