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I am Olawale Adefisayo Fabiyi , An Educator, Techpreneur & Strategist . I was born and raised  in Nigeria and took up a few years in South East Asia, precisely Malaysia and Singapore to study and work.

My practical work experience span across Education, IT and Business. Currently championing the implementation of IT, infrastructure and building worldclass computer science curriculum with curricula from Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, ISC(2) Academies , as both Head of Technology and Department head of Computer Science & Technology at the American International University, West Africa, The Gambia. Hoping to bridge the divide between academia and industry.

About a month ago we launched a TechEd initiative I founded called Open-Source Academy which is  focused on institutes of higher learning and centered around students, supporting and advocating the use and development of open technologies in universities and institutes of higher learning.
 I am also currently working on an initiative called HackWeakEnd which is a social initiative that uses Hackathons to bring together tech people, industry experts, stakeholders, students and enthusiasts to come up with compelling technological solutions (hardware/software) to solve ills, issues and problems plaguing societies using open source technologies. It is simply an initiative of using technology to “Hack” the “Weak Ends” over a Week End. These “Weak Ends” are ills, problems and issues affecting our societies.
 Since my moving back to Nigeria six years ago, I have seen the need to bridge the gap between TechEd and the workforce.
We all can see and feel the importance of Open Source in every walk of life and the earlier we push for its adoption, the more beneficial to our societies.

If I am elected as an affiliate board member, I will like to push more adoption of open source both in Academia and in Africa as a whole through the Open-Source Academy initiative. The reason for this is not far-fetched. Just as we were once youngsters and now filled up the space of those that came before us, the youngsters coming up will also do the same at some point in time and should not be neglected, they are the leaders of tomorrow. Institutes of higher learning are cradle in which the future of the bedrock of our nations and communities (students) are built. Students need to be exposed to what is required in the workplace after graduation and the way to g,  based on both empirical research and also the Tech ecosystem is exposing them to Open Source technologies. If we decide to neglect them, they will suffer, institutions will suffer, and our communities will in turn suffer. I have seen that advocacy for Open Source in academia in Africa is little to nothing and with me coming on board I will be able to push this as I being a modern academician and also a techie and hoping TechEd in Africa will grow with adoption of open source technologies and Africa as a whole.

Thank you for your kind consideration and i look forward to serving for the collective good of all.

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