Who am I?

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I am originally from Vietnam, I currently live in Berlin and travel regularly to Asia (Singapore, Vietnam, India, China). I got into Free and Open Source while I was in university and loved to participate in the community meeting Internationals from all over the world. Inspired by many communities, I founded FOSSASIA with the goal to bring together a community of contributors across borders and ages to form a better future with Open Source technologies in 2009.


I organize community events, developer summits, and code-camps throughout the year across Asia such as FOSSASIA OpenTechSummit in Singapore, an event where open source contributors from around the world get together to share, collaborate, and build a bridge between the East and West. I also run events such as OpenTechSummits in China, Science Hackathons in Vietnam and Jugaad Fests in India. I created and managed online coding programs for education like Codeheat, which introduce more than 1,000 students to open source each year. 


I support the the development of a number of open source projects, including SUSI.AI, the open source voice assistant framework, Pocket Science Lab, a miniaturized FOSS hardware and software laboratory, and Eventyay, an open source event solution. I offer advice to companies around open source development models and community engagement. I recently joined Zalando SE. My job involves bringing open source best practices within the walls of the company and fostering code sharing and collaboration across business units and teams. 


Because of my work with development corporations and the UNESCO I was featured in a study of Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development Germany on Women’s Pathways to the Digital Sector: Stories of Opportunities and Challenges.

I was also nominated for Women In Open Source Award this year. 

Personal Interest

I speak Vietnamese, English and Chinese and I am also learning German. I enjoy teaching and sharing Open Source with people from all backgrounds: Young students to working adults and elderly. I visited many hackerspaces around the world. I was lucky enough to speak at conferences like 35c3, 32c3, FOSDEM etc.

My favorite thing to do when I am not working is swimming, traveling and learning languages. I also enjoy setting up wifi networks with friends. I hosted many FOSS contributors in the eco-hotel I founded in my hometown in the Mekong Delta and I am always excited to make new friends in the community and welcome them.

Why am I a suitable candidate?

  • I worked with thousands of people in Asia and Europe who are contributing and using Free/Open Source.
  • I am a bridge between Open Source contributors in Asia and the rest of the world.
  • I am representing women in tech.
  • I am very well-connected and very resourceful (quoted by friends and partners).
  • I am friendly and collaborative.
  • I have experience working with community participants as well as corporate partners and NGOs and will use my knowledge to the benefit of the organization.

What is my agenda?

  • Help OSI to increase its footprint in Asia and Europe.
  • Introduce OSI to companies around the world.
  • Help to recruit new members and partners.
  • Work together with the core team to overhaul OSI’s web presence
  • Work together with volunteers to design OSI materials and translate them into at least 10 languages within one year.
  • Work with the board to increase OSI’s presence.
  • Represent OSI in events and engage underrepresented contributors in OSI for example from China.


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