index.jpgI believe we need to do a better job marketing and communicating the importance of the OSI, the Open Source Definition and the role of the general open source community. Open source has had a huge impact on technology industry. It has dramatically accelerated the pace of innovation and opened opportunities for participation to a wide diversity of individuals and organizations.

Over the last 15 years, individuals and corporations have created a community of communities that now powers technology industry. Unfortunately, in the last year some companies are trying to re-define what is means to be open source for the sole purpose of maximizing their corporate profit.  OSI and the open source community needs to take a strong stand to ensure open source continues to be for everyone, not a few companies.

This is why I am running to join the OSI Board. I want to help OSI protect the meaning of open source.

Key points how I’d like to help OSI address some of these issues:

  1. Create a marketing campaign to promote the OSD and role of OSI. Be proactive in defending the OSD. Be proactive in celebrating the success of open source.
  2. Help expand the OSI membership of corporate and individual members. A larger community makes OSI stronger.
  3. Introduce programs to make OSI more relevant to the individual and corporate membership. Let's make OSI front and center for all companies and individuals participating in open source.

Who Am I?
I have been involved in the open source community since 2004.  I was one of the original employees that helped setup the Eclipse Foundation. In my role of VP of Marketing, I implemented many marketing campaigns to promote the role of open source communities and projects.  I am currently an independent consultant that provides strategy and marketing advice to organization interested in open source.

I hope to have your vote to join the OSI Board.

You can find out more information about me on Twitter, LinkedIn and Medium.

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