Colannino Family.jpgI’m running for the OSI board in order to advance developer understanding of Open Source development and licensing. I’m honored to stand with so many qualified candidates looking to serve.

About me

I am a lawyer with almost a decade of experience representing clients at the intersection of Open Source communities and for-profit enterprises.

I began my career at SFLC, where I represented non-profit developers of Free and Open Source software, including Conservancy in the Busybox litigation. After, in private law firm practice, I continued giving pro bono advice to the FSF, GNOME, and Outreachy. I also provided legal advice to OSI board members on whether certain licenses met the OSD. A career highlight has been seeing how Outreachy opportunities made possible through Open Source can open doors and smash ceilings.

I’ve been an Open Source & Standards Attorney at Microsoft for the past year. This is still a shock to me.


My OSI platform has three planks.

  • OSD and License Education. OSI’s core roles continue to be stewardship of and education about the OSD. My legal skillset is well-suited to contribute to both. My legal philosophy is to simplify the complex. I hope to continue the OSI’s important license review work that prevents “openwashing” in the software ecosystem, and to provide simple resources to increase developer understanding of the OSD. I also believe that the OSI should continue its education about why the OSD principles have stood up for twenty years as the best way to make software, and about why openwashing frameworks have not.
  • Advancement. OSI’s incubator projects make Open Source accessible to new developers by making Open Source easier to use or easier to understand. I think the OSI should prioritize seeking additional projects that advance Open Source usage and understanding to incubate under the OSI umbrella. My experience representing other Open Source 501(c)(3) umbrella organizations will be helpful here.
  • New Horizons. Just as Open Source is a great way to produce great software, it also sets out a framework for protecting user rights. OSI should consider adopting and stewarding principles around development of data and AI that offers similar benefits and rights to users, as it has in the past around standards.


Feel free to reach out to me at justin at or in the comments below with questions.

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