Lior Kaplan

Hello, I'm Lior, although most people call me by my family name (long story). I'm a long time Open Source supporter (details bellow). In the last half year I've talked with two board presidents before deciding to run for an individual seat.


I got exposed to Open Source 18 years ago during high school, since then it became my main job and field of interest. I've been a Debian Developer since 2005, after getting involved on 2003 as a user and the Hebrew Translator. I'm also a member of the OpenOffice project, which in 2010 transitioned into LibreOffice and I became a member of the Document Foundation. I'm also taking part in the PHP project, handling security information and CVE IDs among other things. Today, I'm an Open Source Consultant - helping businesses do Open Source.

My Goals

My goal with running to the board is promoting OSI to newer territories outside North America and Europe, reaching more people and making it more relevant for the day to day of Open Source people. I have the experience of sitting on the board of a few technological associations in Israel, one of them with the goal of promoting open source and free software. I have a special interest in the licensing / legal group of OSI, but want to promote other less technical activities OSI does (or should do).


Answering Molly de Blanc  "looking for greater ethnic diversity" - While I'm a white male (with no plans to change either of them (: ), I do offer some geographical diversity. Regardless, I'm working to promote Women in Open Source and think the OSI should consider the same as well. Another point I think we should mention as part of the diversity is that Open Source is not only for coders and the community welcomes many other contributions. Taking this a step forward - Open Source became a phenomenon larger than code only but also a culture which we can and should be the leaders of.

Contact / more info

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