Hello everyone,

My name is Olawale Fabiyi, born in Nigeria, Studied& Worked in Malaysia & SIngapore for over 8years and i am currently back in Africa, i currently reside in Gambia where i head the Computer Science & Technology Department at the American International University, West Africa, The Gambia. As an Educator, Technopreneur & Strategist with a career of over a decade, my interests lie in TechEd,Entrepreneurship&Startups in Africa and beyond.

I founded Open-Source Academy which is focused on institutes of higher learning with the sole aim of pushing open source implementation and bridging the gap between academia and the technology workforce. I also run an a socialimpact initiative with focus on openness and opensource technologies as a tool to solve issues affecting our society called HackWeakEnd   .

The main aim of running for the board of OSI is to be able to push Open Source implementation and use in Academia as we all know there is low adoption in academia. Alongside in Africa too, though alot use open source software but they do not know the tenets of open source and open sourcing and contributing to projects. There are already programmes running under Open-Source Academy and  HackWeakEnd with a Hackathon that uses open source technologies for implementation and impact is already being felt.

If I am elected as an affiliate board member, my agenda and purpose will be centred:

1. Pushing Open Source adoption, Implementation and use in Academia

2. Pushing adoption and use in Africa

3. Creating programmes and partnerships to help the above agenda

4. Helping organizations see value in open source adoption.

Thank you for your kind consideration and i look forward to serving for the collective good of all.

I can be contacted at 

Email Twitter Linkedin

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