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My name is Samson Goddy. I will be running for the OSI's Board of Director's seat because I believe in the movement of free and open source software. 


About Me 

I am a 19-year-old Open Source Advocate and a contributor and an oversight board member to the  Sugar Labs community.  I advocate the importance of open source within Africa.  I also help promote Google OSS outreach programs(Google Code-in & Google Summer of Code) within Africa.

Why You Should Vote me?

I am passionate about education and creating awareness around FOSS. I co-founded Open Source Community Africa(OSCA), a project that creates and enable a working learning environment of open source culture. 

OSCA is for open source lovers, enthusiasts, advocates and experts within and across Africa with the sole aim of increasing the rate of credible contributions by African software developers, designers, writers and everyone involved in the sphere of technology to open source projects both locally and globally, changing the perception of Africans from just the billion users to the NEXT BILLION CREATORS. I have conducted  series of workshops around FOSS for over five years. As part of the Sugar Labs community, I work directly in helping students across the world to get started around open source with my mentorship support of Google Code-In and Google Summer of Code. I also do workshops for kids to learn how to FLOSS tools like Turtle Blocks and the Sugar Learning environment. 

I am currently working to make sure that OSCA distributes the values of OSI, by making OSCA closer to the OSI as a member project. 

Increase OSI's Membership: I will continue doing my open source outreaching to grow the interest of the people by speaking on conferences and making online presence which by doing some share the importance of becoming an OSI member. 

Mentorship: Using OSCA as a framework, I will create a working environment that encourages knowledge sharing. We have a zulip chat community that enables experts to communicate with newbies. 

Gender divide: I plan to start working to make sure more females can get interested in open source by working and promoting FOSS programs within a community like women tech makers. We are already trying to solve that problem with doing more outreach with OSCA. 

#FOSSAFRICA: As part of the movement of OSCA, we are encouraging people to leverage open source tools, support open source movement, give back to the community. 

More PRs:  I will introduce open source communities to technical writers, translators, educators and developers to come and help build a better world of freedom.

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LinkedIn, samsongoddy on freenode, email samsongoddy@gmail.com

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