Annual Calendar

In order to assure continuity an constancy, an Annual Calendar/Schedule of events is available.


The OSI manages its internal operations and strategic initiatives through a portfolio of services, each managed by specific Board Directors and supported by other Directors with interest and/or expertise in the scope of work. Originally described in the OSI Board Working Model, the portfolio approach was developed to articulate needs, highlight value, define structure and assign roles. Building on this model, the OSI modified our approach in the Spring of 2015 to 1. reduce the number of portfolios (especially among those portfolios with similar goals and or resources) and 2. ensure greater participation across the Board from those who might be interested in working on specific initiatives, as well as provide continuity and constancy when some Board Directors are not able to maintain pace. You may review the status of activities across the organization on the Portfolio Dashboard.


Scope of Work: 

  • Branding, Corporate Identity
  • Public Relations (AgilePR relationship)
  • Marketing 
  • Communications (newsletters, annual reports, Twitter, promotional collateral, press releases)
  • Events (conferences)

Team Activity

Team Resources

Events Planning/Management

Annual Calendar



There are many conferences currently offered relevant to open source software, and thus the OSI. Determining which of these the OSI should participate in, and what level, is a constant challenge. In order to help identify relevant events that can deliver the greatest return, a Conference Planning Rubric has been developed.

Current Year

Previous Events

Internal Events


Scope of Work: 

  • Incubator process and approvals
  • Incubated projects/working groups,
  • Promoting working groups to membership 
  • Fiscal sponsorships (OpenHatch relationship), 
  • Public sector partnerships,
  • Education content/materials, teaching and learning; professional development
  • Research 

Team Activity

Team Resources


Team Lead: Zack
Members: Bruno, Zack, Paul, Allison, volunteers
Scope of Work:

  • Server/systems Administration (Gandi Relationship)
  • Hosting (websites, wiki, mailing lists, election voting system)

Team Activity

Team Resources

  • Technology Hub: The OSI manages several technology systems to support the various services we offer the open source community.
  • Infrastructure Policy: In order to ensure continuity and consistency in the use and support of our infrastructure, several policies have been developed.

Legal Team

Team Lead: Richard
Members: Paul, Zack, Allison, Patrick, Simon

Scope of Work:

  • License review
  • Trademark stewardship

Team Activity

Team Resources


Scope of Work: 

  • Fund-raising and financial development
  • Membership (individual drive & affiliate recruitment), benefits, communication;

Team Activity

Team Resources


Day to day operations of the OSI are managed by the General Manager.

Annual Reports

Budget & Finance

Annual Budgets

How Your Support Helps

Charitable Giving

The OSI is a 501(c)(3)public charity described in Section 509(a)(1), (2) or (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Amazon Smiles

Amazon Smiles provides 0.5% of sales to eligible non-profits. The OSI signed up for an account on Jan. 27th, 2014 which can be managed through the Amazon Org site.




The OSI holds elections annually for the Board of Directors.

The OSI participates in a variety of events and activities and, in order to establish and maintain a recognizable, consistent and trusted identify, has created various pieces of collateral, i.e.  a collection of media resources, to support our mission.

Operations Center

In order to provide a central location for the day-to-day operations and support of the OSI, an office has been established as part of the "Schodack Unified School District's Innovation/Entrepreneur Hub"

Regularly Required Filings

  • 990 N
  • 990 EZ
  • State of California, Secretary of State Statement of Information
  • US Census Report SQ-CLASS(00)

Human Resources

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