Notes on accomplishments:

Creation of portfolios

  • Advocacy
    • Reset the Net
    • Amicus Briefs: Alice v. CLS, Oracle Google
    • Worked w/FSF & NYU
  • M/C:
    • Pr Firm offering Pro Bono work
    • Press Releases, 7(12)  releases, 50,000+ reads, 220,000+ headline impressions, 
    • Developing of new/consistent messaging
    • Conference attendance: OSCON, Educause, SC14, FOSSETCON, Open Source Festival
    • Social media
      • increased twitter, blogging, wiki use.
  • Corporate Sponsors
    • Seven new named sponsors, one anonymous ($60,000+), 17 leads
    • Corporate Matching programs (Benevity, EasyMatch)
  • Affiliates:
    • 7 (12) new Affiliates, from 33 to 45 (+2 prospects, +16 leads)
      •  ADMB Foundation, BigBlueButton, DemocracyLab, inBloom, LinuxFestNW, Mautic, Moodle, OpenHatch, Open Source Electronic Health Record Association, Puerto Rico Python Interest Group, TYPO3, WordPress
    • New Affiliate agreement
    • Extended Affiliate Memberships to education and user groups
    • Helping open source projects w/tax status working with SFC
  • Individual Memberships
    • 399 members: 196 (2012), 109 (2013), 94 (2014) 
    • Member benefits: card, conference discounts, books, magazines
    • Elections, three new board members
    • Amazon smiles, Flattr, direct donations
    • 603 individual contributions totaling, $ 25,626.50
  • Infrastructure:
    • Wiki  migration
    • CiviCRM upgrade
    • Website redesign
    • Google Analytics
    • Online store
    • Press release
    • Web conferencing
  • Licensing:
  • Incubator:
    • Working groups: FLOSS Entities, FLOW Syllabus, TLDR

Published ______, 2014

Welcome to the first annual Open Source Initiative Community Report. Comments and feedback on the style and content would be appreciated via the OSI Contact Form.

Except where noted, this report highlights activity from the period of December 1, 2013 to November 31, 2014.

Who We Are

The Open Source Initiative Bylaws define the organization's purpose, to:

(1) educate the public about the advantages of open source software; (2) encourage the software community to participate in open source software development; (3) identify how software users’ objectives are best served through open source software; (4) persuade organizations and software authors to distribute source software freely they otherwise would not distribute; (5) provide resources for sharing information about open source software and licenses; (6) assist attorneys to craft open source licenses; (7) manage a program to allow use of one or more marks in association with open source software licenses; and (8) advocate for open source principles.

The above is captured succinctly in the Open Source Initiative's Mission, "to educate about and advocate for the benefits of open source and to build bridges among different constituencies in the open source community."

This mission, in addition to our history, makes the Open Source Initiative the foundational organization within the open source community, creates a nexus of trust around which developers, users, corporations and governments can organize open source cooperation. Not only are we interested in raising awareness and adoption of open source software itself, but we promote open source development methods which harnesses the power of distributed peer review and transparency of process and extend the promise of higher quality, better reliability, more flexibility, lower cost, and an end to predatory vendor lock-in.

In short, our vision for the Open Source Initiative is: The OSI protects and promotes open source by providing a foundation for community success.


The following are the strategic goals of the Open Source Initiative for 2014, as set by the Board of Directors.

  1. Increase Member Recruitment
  2. Increase Fund-raising Activities and Contributions
  3. Coordinate of Public Communications
  4. Manage the OSI Working Group Process
  5. Improve Infrastructure
  6. Improve Operations

Some Key Decisions



Administration & Finance


Incubator / Working Groups

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