Affiliate Membership Working Notes

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Affiliate Membership activity
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  1. New Affiliate Member onboarding: Linux Professional Group, LibreItalia
  2. Discussions with Mautic regarding status of application / eligibility.
  3. Discussions around support with BigBlueButton patent litigation.
  4. Affiliate eligibility to be determined by sector specific qualifications and criteria.
    1. Each interested party will submit a cover letter with their application that provides their qualifications based on they type of organization they are, rather than different agreements: non-profit, educational and user communities.
  5. Legal reference resource
    1. Develop a set of "OSI recommended" questions that those looking for legal advice can ask potential attorneys to assess their experience with open source licensing and related legal issues.
  6. Current leads:
    • AMBD
    • Benetech
    • ChickTech
    • FLOSSmole / FLOSShub (special case: not educational or non-profit).
      • Request from FLOSShub/FLOSSmole/SRDA for an update.
    • Open Source Lab
    • OpenStack
    • RIT Center for Media, Animation Gaming, Interaction and Creativity (MAGIC) -- Education
    • The Open Source Way
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