Corporate Sponsorships Working Notes

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Corporate Sponsorship activity:
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  1. Invoicing:
    1. Facebook
  2. New Leads:
    1. Invitia inquiry
  3. Follow-ups with (see Corporate Development / Fund-raising page)
    1. Gandi: Contacted the OSI with offer to provide hosting and SSL certs, Infrastructure discussing.
    2. Craigslist: Received follow-up contact information.
    3. EMC: original contact general open source issues. Patrick introduced sponsorship opportunities & received w/interest. This is addition to potential sponsorships with VMware and Pivotal.
    4. Citrix: Mike and Patrick introduced the sponsorship program. Citrix expressed interest and asked for a monthly follow up to assess funding availability.
    5. Cray: Reached out after SC14 conference. Patrick has responded.
    6. AgGateway: a consortium of Ag Industry corporations reached out to discuss open source best practices. Mike and Patrick spoke with reps to create a presentation around their open source interests.
    7. what3words: Reached out for guidance on "best practices." Patrick followed up to provide suggestions and references.
    8. Microsoft: Contacted based on recent .Net developments.
    9. Fi-ware: New lead from Bruno.
    10. ZipfWorks: Inquiry via mailing list and follow up.
  4. Build out Corporate Development / Fund-raising page.
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