Educause Annual National Conference, 2014

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The OSI along with Apereo will be hosting the Open Registration at the Annual EDUCAUSE Conference. Other potential participants include Creative Commons, Outercurve, OSELOT.

The event also provides an opportunity to extend our current Affiliate membership to include educational institutions as well as corporate sponsorship with the higher ed market.

Initial Opportunity Communication

The Open Source Initiative and the Apereo Foundation, an open source initiative based in higher education and OSI Affiliate Member, have discussed the possibility of an "open" reception at the Educause 2014 National Conference, sponsored by multiple open initiatives in higher education. It would be a place where those involved across the spectrum of open content, open source software, open access publishing, open data, open analytics and more could network with each other and other delegates. In previous years, Jasig and Sakai (now merged as the Apereo Foundation) partnered with other organizations to host such a reception, which drew attendances of 200-250. This year provides an opportunity to make the event a broader networking opportunity.

Whilst there are many presentations involving open initiatives at the conference, there are few focal points where those engaged in such initiatives can meet, network and share experiences. Single sessions, and even singly sponsored events around the conference can get "lost" very easily.

We estimate the cost to be around $15k. Obviously, the more organizations that share this amount, the easier it will be to support. To secure space on an optimal evening, we need to move quickly.

I believe this would be a great opportunity for the Creative Commons to help cultivate and grow, not only your organization, but openness across higher education. If you are interested in participating I hope you will contact me at or Ian Dolphin, Ex. Director of the Apereo Foundation, at

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