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Deadline October 24th: Organize e-mail lists
Doer: Patrick

  • Current email lists include:
    • CiviCRM, "All contacts" 10480 contacts
    • CiviCRM, "Members" (individual, complementary, student, etc.) 2238 contacts
    • Mailman, "License-discuss" 512 contacts
    • Mailman, "License-review" 319 contacts
    • Mailman, "Announcements" 50 contacts
    • Mailman, "Board-plus" 21 contacts
    • XWiki, "Registered Users"

Deadline October 24th: E-mail to members and volunteers
Out: October 26th
E-mail writer: Molly
E-mail reviewer:


  • "We just really want to thank our members and volunteers for their involvement with the OSI."
  • Include action items: renew your membership/check your membership status, contact info, join us in Paris, sign up to volunteer at an upcoming event, or whatevs

Deadline Oct 31st: Content for campaign pulled together
Contributors: Everyone!


  • Quotes about open source/OSI
  • list of accomplishments from 2016
    • 25+ Sponsors and Supporters
    • 50+ Affiliate Members
      • Affiliates in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, India, South America.
      • Educational Affiliates
    • Advocacy
      • FCC
      • Github
      • Kickstarter
      • Open Invention Network
      • Open Source Label "defense" (20+)
      • OSI Chapters
      • Stack Exchange
    • Annual Report (2nd year)
    • Conference presence
      • Community Leadership Summit
      • Educause
      • FOSETCON
      • OSCON
      • OSCON Europe
    • Elections (3rd year): New Directors
    • Entities working group: IRS information for foundations
    • Federal Source Code Policy
    • Financial standing (in the black)
    • Fiscal sponsorships
    • Licensing
      • 2 new approved (OSET, UPL)
      • French translation for Quebec
    • Membership drive (2nd year)
    • New York City Procurement Policy
    • Open Source License API
    • Open Source Standards
    • Open Summit
    • San Francisco elections system
    • Trademark Registration
      • Australia
      • Canada
      • China
      • European Union
      • Hong Kong
      • India
      • South Korea
      • Taiwan
      • United States
    • Website update (design & hosting)
    • Working groups
      • Beyond Licensing
      • Crowdfunding
      • FLOSS Desktops for Kids
      • FLOSS Entities
      • FLOSS Education
      • Hackathons
      • Journal of Open Source Software
      • Libre Start-up
      • Producing Open Source Software Text
      • SPDX
      • Software Heritage
      • TL;DR Legal
  • plans for 2017
  • why open source is important
  • why the OSI is important
  • images we want to use

Deadline November 7th: Fundraising page ready
Live: November 7-9th
Build the page:
Review the page:

Webpage includes:

  • All the above information
  • Donate now link
  • Become a member today!
  • On the most visited page from, a popup thingie that says "Support the OSI in 2017 Donate!" or something like that.

Deadline November 14th: Donate to the OSI e-mail
Out: November 16th
E-mail writer:
E-mail reviewer:


  • Please give us money
  • The OSI is great! We fight for open source.
  • Notes on success from the past year. Include: OSI in the Federal Source Code Policy, FLOSS Desktops, attendance at cool events.
  • one or two quotes about why open source/the OSI is important.

To Do's

  • PATRICK: pop-up on most visited page
    • Donate to the OSI today so we can continue our important work.
      Read more about us and how your donation will advance open source.
  • PATRICK: imperative tweets
    • "
  • PATRICK: e-mail to affiliates:
    • Help promote 
    • asking their membership to donate.
  • add calls to join in footers for XWiki emails.
  • Remind that "donations are tax-deductible in US."
  • Add to donations page, "Donations can be made through PayPal."
  • Write blog post containing sweet info from above.
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