Marketing & Communications Working Notes

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Marketing and Communications activity
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You will find the latest information on work in progress in our team meeting notes Etherpad. Information on this page may be stale, so please try the Etherpad if you don't find what you're looking for on this wiki page.

  1. Professional Dev for website
  2. Pay prof. for web design
  3. pre-conf hype blog newsletter twitter
  4. Unify collateral
  5. OSCON planning: page, discount (ask Josh)
  6. Website re-architecture
  7. OSCON Brochure update (other materials: two/day neck pillows "affiliate/sponsor signs," banner)
    1. Presentation (Bryant / Phipps): Align with brochure
  8. Photos from F2F (set up flickr)
  9. Discussions/development of Stack Exchange proposal: move forward.
  10. Conference planning: Apereo, OSCON Amsterdam, OSCON Portland
    1. Research affiliate events: table, banner, video's for conference/registrations pages, other options.
    2. Draft proposal of asks.
  11. Develop video
  12. FOSS Video project
    1. Develop videos about FOSS
  13. Invite Affiliates to post videos about OSI
  14. Articles from board (2-3 articles) for Leslie, "What we're reading" blog post.
    1. Provide way for suggestions.
  15. Volunteer Blogger (focus on business and government).
    1. Introductory discussions with Joey Amanchukwu guest blogging on business adoption of open source (case studies)
    2. Continued discussions with Marcin Kierdelewicz guest blogging on business adoption of open source (case studies)
  16. Product sales (Spreadshirt)
  17. Promote working groups, Newsletters, welcome emails to new members members.
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