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The OSI's promotional / landing page for the Anniversary celebration is at opensource.org/20years

The Open Source Initiative will celebrate our 20th Anniversary in 2018, and we're starting our planning now. In true open source form, we'd like to invite you and everyone in the open source community to help. Please join in and help us make the OSI 20th Anniversary a true representation of the passion, diversity, and creativity of the open source software community.

We're looking for ideas on location and date, promotional activities, concurrent events, sponsorships, or anything else you think would help raise awareness across the open source community, and make this celebration worthy of the people who make open source software great.

OSI "Official" Celebrations

We are working towards organizing 6 OSI "official" celebrations, one per continent:

  • North America
    • What: In conjunction with OSCON 2018 (to be confirmed).
    • Where: Portland, OR (to be confirmed).
    • When: In July (to be confirmed).
  • Europe
    • What: In conjunction with FOSDEM 2018 (to be confirmed).
    • Where: Brussels, Belgium (to be confirmed).
    • When: In February (to be confirmed).
  • Asia
    • What: In conjunction with FOSSASIA Summit 2018 (to be confirmed).
    • Where: Singapore (to be confirmed).
    • When: In March (to be confirmed).
  • Australia
    • What: In conjunction with linux.conf.au 2018 (to be confirmed).
    • Where: Sydney, Australia (to be confirmed).
    • When: In January (to be confirmed).
  • South America
    • What: In conjunction with Campus Party Brasil 2018 (to be confirmed).
    • Where: São Paulo, Brazil (to be confirmed).
    • When: In January/February (to be confirmed).
  • Africa
    • What: (to be confirmed).
    • Where: (to be confirmed).
    • When: (to be confirmed).

Local Community Led Celebrations

We also hope to organize with the help of the community a series of in-person activities to celebrate the OSI’s 20th anniversary:

Potential local sponsors

  • Africa
    • Power Potential
  • Asia
    • Kai-an-she (China)
    • FOSS Asia (Singapore)
  • North America
    • OSCON
  • South America
    • SauJava
      • Bruno
    • Campus Party
      • Bruno
    • SysArmy
  • Europe
    • FOSDEM
    • OW2

We are developing a website to help the community to self-organize:

  • Tasks:
    • Landing page: opensource.org/20years
    • Wiki page (your here).
    • Commemorative website.
    • Events: list of events
    • Map: map of events (see this example from the Drupal community).
    • Organizer Toolkit (see examples below).
    • Video
    • Interviews
    • Infographic
    • Brochure
    • Articles
    • Social Media
    • Press Releases
    • List of Affiliates and sponsors: to acknowledge their support.

Organizer Toolkit

Under development...



Drupal - 15 years and Drupal 8 release

FSF - 30 years

Linux - 25 years

World Wide Web - 25 years

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