Welcome to the planning page for the OSI's 20th anniversary.

First Semester

  • Linux Conf Australia
  • Campus Party
  • SCALE 16x
  • LibrePlanet
  • DrupalCon
  • Code BEAM STO
  • Open Apereo
  • Openexpo Europe
  • OpenWest
  • OW2conf
  • Texas Linux Fest
  • FOSS Backstage
  • EclipseCon France

Second Semester


  • Location: Portland
  • Dates: July 14,15 (Community Leadership Summit), 16,17 (Training), 18,19 (Conference)
  • Objective: Celebrate anniversary in conjunction with 20 years of OSCON. Highlight O'Reilly's role in the open source movement.
  • Room: We have our own room for Wednesday. Room F149 (1,158 sqft) with maximum occupancy for 120 people.
  • Catering: 60 cupcakes provided by OSCON. We can order more.
  • Timeline: Work together with OSCON to develop printed timeline.
  • Interview: Work together with OSCON to interview O'Reilly
  • Passes: 10 Expo Plus, 2 Exhibit, and 1 Bronze (in bold below).
  • Confirmed attendees: Patrick Masson, Simon Phipps, Vicky Brasseur, Carol Smith, Josh Simmons, Allison Randal, Nick Vidal, Danese Cooper, Bruce Perens, Michael Tiemann, Tony Wasserman, Jim Jagielski, Alolita Sharma, Stefano Zacchiroli, Deb Bryant.
Wednesday, July 18 OSI Room Schedule (F149) OSCON Schedule (D135/136)
 9am- Keynotes
 10:20am-Morning Break 
Patrick Masson: Welcome
Danese Cooper
: Heroic and inspiring tales of open source

Carol Smith: ClearlyDefined
Stefano Zacchiroli: Software Heritage
 Abigail Cabunoc Mayes: Open as a competitive advantage

1:45pm—2:25pmBruce Perens: 20 years of Open SourceVicky (VM) Brasseur: How to open-source an internal project
Jose Parrella: 25 years of Debian
Abby Mayes: 20 years of Mozilla
Jennifer Rondeau: Twenty years of OSS: The challenges of contributors and maintainers from past to future
 Afternoon Break
Deb Nicholson: 35 years of Free Software
Deb Goodkin: 25 years of FreeBSD
Petra Sargent: You can teach an old dog new tricks: Moving from proprietary to open source
Michael Tiemann: 25 years of Red Hat
Josh Simmons: The Next Generation of Open Source
Simon Phipps: Closing comments.
 Amye Scavarda: Building authentic communities: Upholding developer values while delivering customer value
Booth Crawl (5:45pm - 7:00 pm)
7:00pm - 9pm20th Anniversary Party (Cupcakes and Cocktails)
7:30 - 8:00: Panel with OSI / Open Source Founders (Cooper, Perens,Peterson (Welcome), Phipps, Tiemann).

Observation: OSI Board members and alumni in bold.

Open Source Summit North America

  • Location: Vancouver
  • Dates: August 29-31
  • Objective: Celebrate anniversary and highlight Linux.
  • Room: We have our own room.
  • Catering: We can order cupcakes.
  • Interview: Linus will not be attending.
  • Passes: 10 conference passes.
  • Board Attendees: VMB, 
  • Alumni Attendees: 


  • Location: Durban
  • Dates: September 24-27
  • Activities: TBD
  • Board Attendees: 
  • Alumni Attendees: 

Open Source India

  • Location: Bangalore
  • Dates: October 11-12
  • Activities: TBD
  • Board Attendees: 
  • Alumni Attendees: Danese Cooper

All Things Open

  • Location: Raleigh
  • Dates: October 21-23
  • Activities: TBD
  • Board Attendees: VMB, 
  • Alumni Attendees: Danese Cooper

Open Source Summit Europe

  • Location: Edinburgh
  • Dates: October 22-24
  • Objective: Celebrate anniversary and highlight Linus' role in the open source movement.
  • Room: No more rooms available.
  • Catering: We can order upcakes.
  • Interview: Work together with LF to interview Linus.
  • Passes: 10 conference passes.
  • Board Attendees: 
  • Alumni Attendees: 


  • Location: London
  • Dates: October 26-29
  • Objective: Celebrate anniversary in conjunction with 20 years of Mozilla.
  • Activities: Sarah agreed to collaborate and asked us to send a proposal.
  • Catering: TBD.
  • Passes: TBD.
  • Board Attendees: 
  • Alumni Attendees: 


  • Location: Seattle
  • Dates: November 9-10
  • Activities: TBD
  • Board Attendees: VMB, Molly, 
  • Alumni Attendees: Deb Nicholson, 

Open Camps

  • Location: New York City
  • Dates: November
  • Activities: TBD
  • Board Attendees: 
  • Alumni Attendees: 

Paris Open Source Summit

  • Location: Paris
  • Dates: December 5-6
  • Activities: TBD
  • Board Attendees: 
  • Alumni Attendees: 

Closing Ceremony

Open Source Exhibit

  • Location: Computer History Museum, Mountain View
  • Dates: February 9
  • Objective: Closing Ceremony. Highlight all activities throughout the year and discuss open source's future.
  • Room: Hahn Auditorium.
  • Maximum Occupancy: 400 people (Theater).
  • Catering: Flexible (we can order from outside).
  • Board Attendees: 
  • Alumni Attendees: 


  • Commemorative website
  • List of events
  • Photos
  • Video
  • Quotes
  • Interviews
  • Infographic
  • Brochure
  • Articles
  • Social Media
  • Press Releases
  • Cupcakes
Bruce Perens: Open Source 20 years ago
Bruce Perens: Open Source 20 years ago
Carol Smith: ClearlyDefined
Carol Smith: ClearlyDefined


Drupal - 15 years and Drupal 8 release

FSF - 30 years

Linux - 25 years

World Wide Web - 25 years

  • Activities: TBD
  • Activities: TBD
  • Activities: TBD
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