Roles, Responsibilities OSI Staff Member(s)

The OSI Board is considering hiring a permanent staff member (and maybe eventually more than one person) to handle the OSI's growing portfolio of activities. We seem to have a consensus that a volunteer board alone, no matter how dedicated, is not enough to do all the things the OSI needs to do – and, especially, that a volunteer board alone can't coordinate and take best advantage of the energy and ideas of the OSI's new individual members and affiliates.

Current Staff


Current: Phyllis Dobbs (Contracted)

Director of Standards and Policy

Current: Simon Phipps (Contracted)

General Manager

Current: Patrick Masson

Operations Assistant

Current: Jessica Iavarone (Part time, 25%)

Sponsorship and Fundraising

Current: OPEN

Technical Writer

Current: Travin Keith (contracted)

Website System Administrator

Current: Startup Libre Consultoria em Informatica, Nick Vidal (Contracted)

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