About the Open Source Initiative

The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is the founding organization of the open source software movement. Established in 1998 as a global non-profit, the OSI works to raise awareness and adoption of open source software, and build bridges between open source communities. The OSI's constituents include individual software developers, open source software foundations, and the broader technology industry. Indeed every company today is a software company, and with 98% of companies using open source software, every company is now an open source company--thus, an OSI constituent. The OSI works with global leaders in open source, including Amazon Web Services, Creative Commons, Debian, Drupal, Github, Google, IBM, Indeed, Linux Foundation, Microsoft, Mozilla, Red Hat, Wikimedia, Wordpress, and dozens of others. The OSI is the foundation of open source software, the steward of the movement's ideals and ethos, and the protector of the community's principles and practices.

About the Role

How many opportunities do we have in our careers to affect global change? How many jobs offer daily inspiration--the pride in knowing our work contributes to the greater good? The OSI is not a charity seeking donations, we are a community providing opportunities. Neither the OSI nor the open source movement needs "donors" to provide "charity" to keep it going, the open source software community needs "committers" to ensure "sustainability." Collaborating and contributing to efforts that foster shared success among all constituents is the core value of open source software development and communities--it must be the fundamental tenet in funding the Open Source Initiative.

The Director of Sustainability will work across the open source software community to:

  • brainstorm and create new models of collaboration and sustainability strategies to support the organization, our work, and the mission,
  • research potential sustainers to identify those with shared values, aligned activities, and peer communities,
  • reach out to, and engage with, diverse sustainers to foster new, continued, and increased support,
  • design, develop, and deliver initiatives (events, projects, promotions) that foster engagement across the community and with sustainers,
  • analyze the outcomes of sustainer-related activities and investments for effectiveness, and suggest areas where efficiencies and increased collaboration and contribution can be achieved, and
  • partner with other organizations and groups within the open source community to enhance sustainer relationships.

Your Peers and Colleagues

  • Technology leaders and innovators
  • Open source foundations, communities, and corporations
  • Open source program offices and managers
  • Open source project founders, maintainers, and contributors
  • Open source conferences and event organizers


  1. Authentic engagements that foster shared successes between industry and the OSI.
  2. A culture of participation where collaboration and contribution, ensures sustainability.
  3. A community of invested sustainers where not only the success of the OSI but the success of open source is most valued.
  4. Maturity in practice, where operations are known, repeatable, and optimized. 
  5. Participation levels from diverse members of the open source community that ensure the OSI's sustainability and growth.


  • $30 per hour [1,2, 3, 4]
  • 10 hours/week
  • .25 FTE $1,000/mo

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