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The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is the founding organization of the Open Source Software movement. Established in 1998 as a global non-profit, the OSI works to raise awareness and adoption of Open Source Software, and build bridges between open source communities. The OSI's constituents include individual software developers, Open Source Software foundations, and the broader technology industry. Indeed every company today is a software company, and with 98% of companies using Open Source Software, every company is now an open source company--thus, an OSI constituent. The OSI works with global leaders in open source, including Amazon Web Services, Creative Commons, Debian, Drupal, Github, Google, IBM, Indeed, Linux Foundation, Microsoft, Mozilla, Red Hat, Wikimedia, Wordpress, and dozens of others. The OSI is the foundation of Open Source Software, the steward of the movement's ideals and ethos, and the protector of the community's principles and practices.

The OSI seeks to diversify revenue sources, extend contribution models, and increase fundraising efforts. The OSI and the Open Source Software movement have enjoyed tremendous success resulting in greater adoption across the software and technology industry, and placing greater demand on the OSi and our limited resources. The need to ensure operational sustainability and fund strategic initiatives necessitate an increase of, and diversify in, funding as an organizational priority. Through this Request for Proposals (RFP), the OSI seeks bidders to provide the services and specifications as outlined below for a Fundraising Specialist/Consultant. The Fundraising Consultant will work with the OSI Board of Directors, the OSI General Manager, and various affiliates of the OSI community in building fundraising capacity,  as well as the development of a fundraising strategy to diversify sources of unrestricted funds.

Proposal Submissions

The OSI requires bidders to include the following information in their proposals:

  1. Company Information - A description of the company and detailed contact information for the primary contact.
  2. Verification of Eligibility - Evidence of authority to conduct business in the United States of America.
  3. Capability Statement - A detailed response to the service/specifications requested (see below).
  4. Staffing - A description of the team that will be assigned to this project: titles, primary areas of responsibility, and any prior experience/credentials.
  5. Approach - A work schedule describing all tasks and milestones involved in developing and providing fundraising services and support.
  6. Financial Documentation - Annual report or sufficient financial documentation for verification of financial stability.
  7. Availability - Confirmation of agreement to commence services within 15 days following contract approval.
  8. References - A minimum of three (3) references for non-profit organizations in which similar services have been completed, including name, contact, description or work provided, and dates of service,
  9. Price Schedule - A description of the bidder’s price schedule – daily or hourly rates.

Submission of Proposals & Closing Time

Please submit proposals to:

  • Patrick Masson,
    General Manager,
    Open Source Initiative,

Proposals are due by:

  • [HH:MM] PDT on  [DAY OF WEEK], [MONTH] [DAY], 2020
  • All questions pertaining to this proposal must be made via email to Patrick Masson at

Solicitation Guidelines

  1. Agreement
    OSI intends to issue a Time & Expenses (T&E) agreement to the successful bidder from this procurement process. The agreement will outline approved billing rates for each type of service provided and the terms and conditions applicable to the work performed.
  2. Discretion
    OSI may, at its sole discretion and after the evaluation process, choose not to issue any agreement as a result of this process. OSI may also, at its sole discretion, choose to issue as many or as few agreements as deemed necessary to meet OSI’s business needs.
  3. Offers/Quotations
    Prices must be inclusive of all costs, including taxes and fees, in US Dollars. Quoted prices should remain valid for thirty (30) calendar days from proposal submission.
  4. Proposal Costs
    There is no reimbursement for costs associated with preparing or submission of proposals in response to this RFP or costs associated with possible award negotiation.
  5. Proposal Timeline
    OSI intends to follow the below timeline for review and award of this solicitation:
    1. Submission Deadline: up to [MONTH] [DAY], 2020
    2. Review of Proposals: up to [MONTH] [DAY], 2020
    3. Consultant Engagement: as soon as [MONTH] [DAY], 2020
  6. Proposal Evaluation
    OSI will select the bidders whose offer will provide the most favorable mix of corporate credentials and cost, thereby ensuring overall best value procurement. The following evaluation criteria will be utilized to evaluate the proposals by an internal evaluation team from OSI:
    1. Past Performance
    2. Experience in the open source community
    3. Cost Reasonableness
    4. Cost Competitiveness
    5. Technical Capacities

Required Services / Specifications

  1. Detailed Scope of Work:
    1. Assess OSI’s current fundraising program, board and staff expectations, current capacity, and environmental context for fundraising utilizing past documents and plans and limited interviews.
      1. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of existing fundraising efforts and infrastructure to determine areas for improvement and development.
      2. Assess the opportunities and threats external to the organization as well as the organizational/operational readiness that will inform the fundraising plan to ensure its success.
    2. Develop a multi-year fund development plan and implementation strategy to build a fundraising program that generates $500,000 - $750,000 annually in unrestricted revenue and is reflective of and in alignment with OSI’s mission/vision/values, the ethos inherent to the Open Source Software movement, and organizations capacity to execute and sustain.
      1. Develop a comprehensive fundraising plan with strategies to increase OSI’s fundraising efforts from information individuals (ii) affiliate members (iii) corporations and (iv) special events.
      2. Identify alternative models that allow for in-kind contributions of labor and resources.
      3. Recommend key components, timelines, and tactics for 2020 implementation.
    3. Initiate the direct the plan in conjunction with the OSI General Manager for an agreed-upon time following the completion of the plan.
      1. Identify 10 new, vetted, high-potential donors.
      2. Test out strategy with at least 4 high potential donors and 4 existing donors.
      3. Provide assessment and recommendations based on the outcomes of the implemented plan (results from soliciting--at least--4 high potential donors and 4 existing donors).
      4. Provide training and guidance to OSI General Manager and board directors on how to implement the fundraising plan.
      5. Ensure the plan (workflows, operations, etc.) and resources can be documented and retrieved from OSI's CRM and wiki infrastructure.
      6. Recommend a potential course of action to identify resources and establish roles to meet the fundraising strategies outlined in the plan.
    4. Provide and present the fundraising plan to the senior management team and later to the board at OSI’s [DATE] board meeting.
  2. Requirement(s):
    1. The successful bidder has a proven track record for creative excellence in developing fundraising plans and developing organizations’ fundraising capacity for domestic and global technology organizations and programs.
    2. The successful bidder must demonstrate a proven track record for raising funds from individual and corporate donors.
    3. There is a strong preference for a person with familiarity with the OSI, our programs, and open source software communities as demonstrated by past (within past 5 years) consultation, employment, or other engagements.
    4. The  successful bidder must have the ability to work independently, excellent written and verbal communications, and with strong outcomes orientation hat gets results.
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