General Manager Round 2 Interview Quesions

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Second Round Interview Assignment - GM Position

Drawing from the current GM position descriptions, 6 month goals and other publicly available information, as well as any insights gleaned through the interview process, please draw up a basic Two Year Plan for OSI to move towards a more sustainable, engaging and highly relevant organization which is well-positioned to meet its mission. This should include strategy, high-level organizational budget including revenue and expenses, rationale for any new investments (tactics). Also include how you may see the Board as integral to your plan.

Additional information to include in budget planning:
 * Current Bank Balance: $100K

  • Contract for Outside IT Services: Lapsed and in need of resourcing
  • Meetings planned: Two face to face board meetings budget for most likely 85%  of members + new GM (meeting #1 planned in San Francisco early November,  meeting #2 1) may be international)
  • You will present your plan in a not-to-exceed fifteen minute presentation, using the balance of your forty-five minute interview slot to discuss, answer questions, and otherwise provide rationale and insight into your plan.

The second round interview slot will be conducted on Google Hangouts.

You may use any format of presentation you wish. You may also provide any supplemental documents in support your plan in advance.

Mail all advance materials to

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