Job Description

The Open Source Initiative seeks to hire an Operations Assistant. This is a part time position reporting to the OSI General Manager.


Under the supervision of the General Manager, assist with OSI social media (approx. 3 hrs / week)

Monitor OSI's social media channels, alert OSI staff to relevant content, and draft/publish content aligned with the OSI’s mission, values and initiatives across various social media platforms (Twitter, OSI blog, etc.), to:

  • increase awareness around OSI projects and activities,
  • build and engage OSI constituencies and,
  • share relevant developments and news from the broader open source community.

With support from the General Manager and system administrators, maintain OSI community and operations infrastructure: CiviCRM, Drupal, Mailman, & XWiki (approx. 2 hrs / week)

Monitor the OSI’s community and operations infrastructure on behalf of the organization, to:

  • foster continuity, consistency, accuracy, completeness and relevance in content/data across platforms,
  • identify/maintain features and functionality that enables the emergence, curation, and sharing of content/data,
  • ensure continued availability of each service to the users and public and,
  • provide on-demand training directly to end users while promoting best practices as an exemplar user.

Introduce OSI community and operations infrastructure to new members while fostering participation among current users.

Regularly review the OSI mailing lists, to:

  • provide timely responses to relevant inquiries from OSI topic experts.

Regularly review the OSI wiki, to:

  • maintain content availability, accuracy, and "find-ability", i.e. taxonomies, tags, hierarchies, navigation, search, indexes, links, etc. and,
  • remove spam, trolling, etc.

Working with the OSI Development Director coordinate OSI events and activities (approx. 1 hr / week)

Working with OSI staff and event managers from across the open source community, assist in the planning and communication of OSI activities, to:

  • ensure OSI specific activities are well understood and run smoothly, meeting the goals/expectations of participants.
  • see that all issues which arise during planning are communicated to and addressed by subject-matter experts and,

Coordinating with the OSI General Manager and membership team, administer OSI Individual Memberships Program (approx. 1 hr / week)

Provide day-to-day administration of the OSI’s individual membership program, by:

  • processing new/renewing memberships,
  • managing group activities and communications and,
  • addressing questions / responding to feedback from the membership.

Assist the OSI General Manager (approx. 1 hr / week)

Provide other duties as assigned.


  • Passion for open source software: Applicants need not be technically adept in software development, but should fundamentally understand what open source software is, have some prior knowledge of the field, and a desire to see open source software advance both technically and culturally.
  • Comfortable working in highly transparent, distributed, and collaborative communities: This position involves working with self-directed, self-organizing, and self-motivated teams. An ability to communicate and collaborate is critical.
  • Competent with web-based technologies: The successful candidate will work, hands-on, with a variety of web-based systems/platforms, including, customer relationship management systems (CRM), web content management systems (CMS), mailing lists, and wikis.
  • Comfortable with, and interested in learning, new technologies.
  • Willing and eager to contribute ideas and suggestions, provide feedback, etc. to help better define and develop organizational practices and processes.
  • Prior experience: previous work as a volunteer or staff member with an open source project, foundation, or community, or with a non-profit organization, is highly desirable.
  • Well organized: The OSI works with dozens of organizations from around the world, all of whom operate in differing ways. An ability of work with diverse communities, cultures and customs is critical.
  • Ability to travel: While travel will not be frequent, there may be occasional needs related to OSI events and activities.
  • Fluent in English and proficient in written communications; fluency in other languages would be considered positively.
  • Valid passport and drivers license.

Hours: 8 - 10 hrs/week

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $15.00 /hour

Application Questions

You have requested that Indeed ask candidates the following questions:

  • How many years of non-profit experience do you have?
  • How many years of working with open source software projects or related experience do you have?
  • Are you willing to undergo a background check, in accordance with local law/regulations?
  • Are you in Albany, NY?
  • Are you authorized to work in the following country: United States?
  • Do you have the following license or certification: Driver's License?

Applicant Resumes

Attached here are the resumes of the qualified applicants responding via Indeed.

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