OSI General Manager Hiring and On-Boarding Process

Decision Package

What Goes to the Board Oct 4 for decision to support a GM hire (these are four actionable items that should be on the board agenda)

  • Recommendation for a third party payroll service for their approval
    • Karl is working on an internal solution which may not be ready for the Oct 3 meeting.
  • Recommendation for a start date
  • A draft offer letter for the candidate
  • A employment agreement for the candidate
    • Defer this to the Oct 9 reschedule or do by email; will likely not be ready for board meeting (waiting to hear from Mark)

To Dos

Legal: Ask counsel for assistance in offer letter and employee agreement (asked)

Financial: Identify a third party payroll company (Karl is working)

Employment Details: What will be our time off policy (holiday, sick, or flex)? (Paid Time Off policy) wiki.opensource.org/_media/paid_time_off_programs_and_practices.pdf


  1. Advise the candidate that the board consensus is to move forward with our process. Done
  2. Advise the candidate that we plan do check his reference (and allow him to update them should there be any contact change to his list since he first submitted). Done
  3. Check references*.In process.
  4. If okay, present offer letter to board for approval
  5. Offer job to candidate
  6. If accepted as written (no negotiation), execute employment agreement%%</nowiki></nowiki>*</nowiki>Decision Point (we have no existing policy) for discussion:
  • Do we want to have a background check done (would need to go find resource and cost)? No.
  • Do we want to outsource reference checks? No.

Benefits package

  • Gross: $100k, around $60-65k net salary.
  • The $100K should be considered the budget to cover the Compensation Package in its entirety. By compensation we mean salary plus benefits which might include health insurance.
  • 40 hrs a week job, with flexible hours

On Boarding

I'd like to start the orientation planning process here.

Simon and I have also discussed the value of meeting several days before the board meeting and having the GM bring a draft operating plan for the boards consideration so we can get moving.

Please share any thoughts on how we as a board may support a rapid orientation for the new hire.

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