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  1. 2015 Elections completed, ballots tallied, winners announced.
  2. On-boarding / off-boarding Directors (Paul and Luis, respectively)
  3. Membership Drive: cards, welcome emails, announcements (via Twitter)
  4. Development of internship program with SUNY Albany (10+ applicants received); hosting information al event at Open Source Festival.
  5. Conference planning:
    1. Apereo Foundation (Baltimore, MD), 
    2. LibrePlanet (Boaton, MA),
    3. Open Source Festival (Albany, NY),
    4. Premier CIO, (Boston, MA)
  6. OSI Spring F2F Board Meeting
  7. OSI mailing list moderation and replies
  8. OSI wiki edits/posts moderation.
  9. OSI Ex. Comm & Board meeting preparation/communications.
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