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75 75  == Open Source and Standards Working Group ==
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77 77  * **Sponsors**: Patrick Masson & Simon Phipps
78 -* Working Group Proposal Page
78 +* [[Working Group Proposal Page>>doc:OSandStandardsWG]]
79 79  * **Description**: The The Supporting Standards Setting Organizations (SSSO) Working Group will: 1. explore current SSO understanding of OSI approved licenses, and more generally, open source software, development, and projects; 2. educate SSO in current principles and practices widely excepted by open source communities of practice; 3. support authentic engagement across open source communities (i.e. implementors, contributors, projects, foundations) to ensure alignment with best practices in open source licensing, development and distribution, and; 4. produce reference resources (educational materials, professional development activities, expert opinions, consulting services, etc.) to address gaps in understanding, support current practices, and increase the recognition of OSI approved licensing and the OSI License Review Process.
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81 81  == Open Source Bug Bounty (FS-ISAC) ==

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