OSI Annual Planning Process


The purpose of the OSI's annual planning is to align the Board, and everyone working with the organization, around a handful of priorities that, once completed, will move the OSI closer to achieving our long-term goals, and ultimately our mission. The Annual Plan provides:

  • direction for staff,
  • a basis for staff evaluations,
  • a framework for budgeting,
  • a foundation for quarterly reviews, and
  • transparency into our work for our community.

Based on the resources reviewed from the National Council of Nonprofits, there are generally five steps in the planning process (current environment, current position, visioning, defining, communicating), with several ways to structure an agenda to include these steps. The details of our agenda may vary based on where we are as an organization, how much of our strategy has already been understood, developed, or achieved, and the specific questions and opportunities we are faced with.

The current annual planning process and Annual Plan template, are simply a starting point and further development informed by our use of the template, planning process, and our results should help to refine and improve this work.


After an annual plan is developed, we can assess our resources to ascertain if resources are available to undertake the objectives defined for the year.

OSI Annual Plans

OSI Annual Budgets

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