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Collaboration through Community

Specific to our efforts within the OSI WIki to identify issues, converge around interests and contribute to solutions, the OSI is following the lead of many other organizations, open source projects and communities of practice that have engaged publicly in their needs identification, evaluation and decision-making processes — capturing the collective insights from our broad and diverse community or users.

Contribute to the Dialog

The goal of this wiki is to communicate status, assess progress, critique activities, enable collaboration and ultimately provide a rationale for the decision-making process in identifying the next iteration of the OSI's organizational and operational policies and practices. Active participation is vital for our success. You may participate by reading along as this wiki and the organization evolves, however ideally you will feel compelled and comfortable to contribute your own thoughts. There are many many really smart folks across the open source community doing really interesting and innovative things—someone has probably already run into the issues we are facing. None of us is smarter than all of us, and we hope to collect that wisdom here.


The easiest way to contribute is to simply click on the "Comments" tab at the bottom of any page within this wiki. A text editor will appear, and you can add any thoughts you may have regarding the topics discussed on the page. Ideally your comments should be related to the information on the page you are commenting on as this will help us to organize our thoughts and focus our discussions. You may chose to include your name — or not — if you feel it is relevant.

Comments will be reviewed, with a goal of "rolling-up" the information or addressing the criticism or question in the documentation of the page itself  so that should another person find the page, they will not need to provide the same comment as the information or response is now included in the updated page. This will result in comments themselves being deleted, but the ideas and information will be incorporated int the body of knowledge of the page/document/site.

ALL COMMENTS WILL BE ADDRESSED, even if unpopular or unflattering. While the OSI or the page moderator may not adopt any specific comment as policy/practice, wiki moderators will provide a rationale that explains the assessment of submitted comments and the decision behind including or dismissing the contributions. Indeed if a commenter feels we have mis-understood or mis-represented a point of view, we encourage further discussions through commenting. Unprofessional comments out of line with the OSI wiki's Code of Conduct will be deleted without comment.

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