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1 The OSI sponsors board directors for travel to approved events, meetings, etc. to represent the Open Source Initiative, promote for the OSI and our mission, etc.
3 In order to receive support for travel from the OSI, directors should follow the following steps.
5 1. Submit a travel request via the [[OSI Board Travel Form>>url:]]
6 1. Indicate an overall budget for conference participation and link to the budget file you prepared for 2020
7 1. Approval is required from OSI GM (if under US$1,200) or full board if over GM thresholds.
8 1. There is a limit of two sponsored OSI directors per conference, of course all directors are free to attend any conference on behalf of OSI.
9 1. Preference will be given to directors attending regional events (to reduce costs, and foster continued engagement).
10 1. Maximum annual sponsorship per director is US$1,000

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