OSI Board Report on ClearlyDefined

Monthly report in preparation for board meeting April 10, 2020


Resources and work have mostly been stable this past month. We are still working to hire a new engineer to work full-time on the project, and finances remain as they are. We are working on doing more outreach online this quarter for the project in the absence of many conferences we had been planning on doing project promotion at via conference talks. Curations are still being submitted and approved quite steadily.


Resources have been limited this month. Engineering resources have been limited, but Microsoft is currently trying to hire a full-time engineer to work on the project. Once that person has been hired we anticipate we can continue work in more earnest.

Financial resources have also been constrained, but we are currently working with at least one partner for more funding. For now, financial resources are stable and we are not anticipating any outflows this month.


We have not added any new features this month. GitHub has temporarily limited their usage of the service because their usage was getting quite high. We are working with them to identify optimizations in usage and performance.


We have had a lot of curations submitted and approved this month, and the curation community continues to be quite active.

We have also had a couple new additions to the community generally, and meetings are still well attended with many topics continuing to be discussed and addressed.

Upcoming goals

  1. Hire engineer for Microsoft to work full time on the project.
  2. Work with partners who have committed funding to submit those contributions this month.
  3. Start a outreach campaign on social media and other places online to promote the project while conferences are discontinued.
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