OSI Board Report on ClearlyDefined

Monthly report in preparation for board meeting February 14, 2020.


ClearlyDefined was well-represented and much discussed at FOSDEM and its associated fringe events. Many potential new users got questions and some concerns addressed, and multiple people sound much closer to starting to use the data now. The project was also presented to new audiences and continues to enjoy more word-of-mouth since the event(s). 


We no longer have any contractors engaged on the project, so bug fixes and feature additions in the last month have been very limited. We do have notification of an intended donation of $25k from a new donor and finances otherwise are stable. We hope to start the process of identifying a new engineer to work on the project soon. 


Technology changes and additions have been minimal in the last month. As part of discussions about ClearlyDefined at the open compliance tooling hackathon we got together a design of a prototype for a mirroring option for ClearlyDefined. We are working on identifying the resources that would be available (contracting or otherwise) to work on the implementation of this solution. 


The curation community continues to be thriving and active. The Eclipse Foundation in particular has been active in the curation community and wants to work on a co-blog post with our project about their use of the data as well as a co-presentation on the work we are doing together. This is all meant to help drive the word-of-mouth and interest in the project as well as grow the community.

The Software Heritage project also has offered to host a GSoC student this summer to work on a ClearlyDefined integration.

Upcoming goals

  1. Identify a new engineering resource to continue work on the project and potentially implement the mirroring solution for the project once up to speed on the project.

  2. Pursue a blog post and co-presentation on ClearlyDefined with the Eclipse Foundation.

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