ClearlyDefined Monthly Board Report: March, 2019

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OSI Board Report on ClearlyDefined

Monthly report in preparation for board meeting March 14, 2019


We have focused on more website and service improvements over the last month along with harvesting and rescanning all the components from our entire definition store. We changed over the main landing page of to be a browsing experience in order to encourage more people to feel empowered to contribute curations from the get-go.


We have an additional commitment from Microsoft of $50,000 in more funding this month. This means we will be able to extend our work with our contracting resources on the website improvements and features until at least June. We are currently looking for more funding commitments that can potentially extend our run rate through the next year.

We have added crawling resources to accommodate our re-harvesting and re-scanning of all of our packages that we kicked off this month. We continue to also have crawlers run by Google and Amazon as well which are helping with the additional compute load.


The website and service have both seen significant improvements in quality and functionality in the last month. We have fixed bugs, added new features and pages, and have made the look and feel of the site more user friendly.

We implemented ScanCode 3.0 and made improvements to our FOSSology tools, and after those implementations kicked off the re-scanning and re-harvesting of the more than 435,000 definitions we had previously scanned. This will improve the quality and coverage of the data significantly.


We continue to see engagement and involvement in the curation community grow. We have more contributors making curations, more participants in our public chat, and more organizations represented amongst our users.

Having more users in the community has also helped to surface many potential improvements and discussions around philosophy that are helping us grow and accommodate the community’s needs.

Upcoming goals

  1. Continue fundraising for additional resources that will potentially cover us for another year of development work.
  2. We are scoping work on a “container” implementation that would help us understand and provide data about Linux distributions (Debian and Alpine), their packages, and the containers themselves.
  3. We have a blog post about ClearlyDefined that has been reviewed and will be posted on the OSI blog, and we plan to extend the communications about the project to get more word of mouth.
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