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1 -ClearlyDefined Monthly Board Report: April, 2018
1 +ClearlyDefined Monthly Board Report: September, 2019
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1 += OSI Board Report on ClearlyDefined =
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2 -== OSI Board Report on ClearlyDefined ==
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4 +Monthly report in preparation for [[board meeting September 20, 2019>>doc:Main.OSI Board of Directors.Board Meeting Notes.20190913Agenda]].
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5 -Monthly report in preparation for board meeting April 12, 2018
6 +== Summary ==
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7 -=== Summary ===
8 +We have integrated support for two new kinds of packages into ClearlyDefined this month: PHP and Debian. The Debian integration was a long-standing goal of the project’s in order to eventually be able to produce compliance data for containers that run Debian. In addition to the new package integrations, we have continued to fix bugs reported by users, add features, and harvest and scan new packages as requested.
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9 -Our focus on service robustness and improvements has been beneficial. We were able to rescan components with the new version of Scancode and scan new components as well. Now we are progressing to contributions and curations as the next stage of progression. We are in the midst of building out a workflow for users to make contributions to the data to enable the next important piece of the project: curation.
10 +== Resources ==
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11 -=== Resources ===
12 +Monetary resources remain in a steady run rate with our monthly commitment to contracting resources now extended through the end of the year. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft continue to donate compute resources to the project for crawling, harvesting, and scanning.
13 +\\We have an additional Microsoft engineer who is getting involved with the project and familiar with the codebase and community now. Otherwise engineering resources remain the same.
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13 -Infrastructure resources continue to be donated by Microsoft and are sufficient to continue to meet our needs.
15 +== Technology ==
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17 +As mentioned above, we have integrated support for PHP and Debian. We have already begun harvesting and scanning PHP packages. Once the Debian integration has been fully tested we will also begin to harvest and scan those packages.
15 15  
16 -We do anticipate needing work from freelance developers soon. We are working on coordinating potential donations from organizations we have talked to about ClearlyDefined and use those donations for freelance work on the service and website. We are actively exploring this this month and hope to be in a position to hire these developers within two months. We have arranged with Patrick, Josh, and Phyllis around the logistics of donations and payments and once we have secured the donations we will explore freelance developer options. We’ll likely update the board next month around where development resources will be coming from.
19 +== Community ==
17 17  
18 -=== Technology ===
21 +The community continues to grow steadily month-over-month. We have had additional community members participating in both our biweekly project meetings as well as our biweekly curation steering committee meetings.
22 +\\We have had a major contributor to our curation community begin reviewing and merging curations, and have heard that we may have additional people joining the curation community soon.
19 19  
20 -We have upgraded the version of Scancode, added integrations for scanning NuGet packages, and improved robustness and fixed bugs for the service. We are working on implementing a contributor workflow on We now have thousands of components that have been harvested and scanned.
24 +== Upcoming goals ==
21 21  
22 22  
23 -Our next goal is completing the contribution workflow and beginning to enable contributions and curations on the data. We will likely be working on this fully for the next month.
24 -
25 -=== Community ===
26 -
27 -The community continues to grow, we have an expanding list of people interested in contributing, becoming users, and participating in other ways. We have had many productive meetings with potential partners who are interested in using the data, curating the data, and/or themselves becoming clearly defined.
28 -
29 -=== Upcoming goals ===
30 -
31 -* Curation community: we continue to have productive and positive meetings with potential members interested in data curation. We have not, however, fully enabled the entire user experience to empower curators, so in parallel with building the technology we are getting engagement in the community. Jeff McAffer will be presenting a workshop at LLW in Barcelona around curation and will likely get more ideas around its principles as well as more potential community interest.
32 -* Further integrations and broader harvesting/scanning: Many of the potential users of the data have expressed interest in package managers or components we don’t yet have the integrations we need to be able to scan. We are working on getting more integrations with other package managers (some of which the community may end up contributing code for) and subsequently broadening our harvesting and scanning in order to ultimately have more component data available for more potential users.
27 +* ClearlySecure proposal
28 +* Harvesting and scanning Debian packages

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