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Start date

July 4, 2014

Initial members

Working Group Chair: Bill Shelton

Working Group Sponsor: Deborah Bryant

OSI General Manager:  Patrick Masson

Other Contributors: Joseph Potvin

Resources needed by group

(mailing list, virtual server, budget, promotion, travel, etc.)

The project's technical needs are low but it could benefit greatly from promotion and recruiting of writers, editors, and subject matter experts.  Ideally, the latter will have a depth of understanding with government constraints; e.g., in the U.S. federal space : Privacy, Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA), Cyber Security (FISMA/NIST), External Affairs, FedRAMP, etc.  TBD for state and international government entities.

Deliverable that will be created

What will be the output/takeaway/resource created by this Working Group?

A digital and printable reference manual detailing concrete recommendations on how to implement open source programs within governments and how to address the salient challenges governments face.

Description of how that deliverable satisfies a part of OSI's mission

Please review the OSI mission and then provide how this effort will align with the OSI's mandate.

This effort will help increase adoption of open source within the public sector, helping both federal agencies and vendors understand how to navigate the complexities of government.

Target completion date

When will you have something that can be used. Please note that the Working Group may continue on to enhance or add new outputs, however a date must be provided indicating when a usable resource will be available to the OSI community.

The working group will produce a roadmap by September 1, 2014, and will include milestones for concrete deliverables.

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