This page is a list of open source tools that can be used for creating, manipulating, and evaluating licensing information. The list has been created by OSI community members, but OSI does not endorse any particular tool on the list.

If you know of open source tools that would fit on this list, please feel free to add them!

To discuss this page, please drop an email to the license-discuss mailing list.

License manipulation tools

These are scripts that allow a user to manipulate the license headers in a given source code file or files.

Development environment plugins

Plugins for development environments that help developers manipulate licensing information within those environments - e.g., build tools and IDEs.

Revision Control System Plugins

If you're aware of revision control system plugins that manage licensing information (e.g., automatically add license headers; reject commits that lack license headers; etc.) please add them here.

License analysis tools

These are tools that, given source code, will analyze the source code to see what licenses are present.

Tools not directly related to source code

These should probably live elsewhere (this page should be focused on tools for programmers/tools directly related to source code analysis), but OK to put them here for now.

License documentation

These are sites that have information about open source licenses. Information about where to get the source code is in parenthesis.

License choosers

The following is a list of sites that help people choose between different open source licenses. If the project to build the chooser is open source itself, we indicate in parenthesis where you can find the code.

Other lists

The Linux Foundation also maintains a list of licensing tools.

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